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Kanaya Tomoe

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The academic achievement gap among Latinx students has been well documented since 1973 but little to no progress has been made in reducing this gap. In the United States, those of Latinx heritage constitute a majority of the country’s English language learners (ELLs) who also experience an academic achievement gap. Due to the substantial overlap between both groups, one way to support Latinx students is by tackling the issues that arise from the language barrier and improving the educational services provided to ELLs. This paper explores current ELL practices and instructional models, with a focus on two-way dual language immersion programs. In particular, two-way dual language immersion programs should include 1) preschool enrollment, 2) assessments for foundational literacy skills, 3) expansion into middle and high school, 4) culturally responsive educators, 5) interactional spaces for students, and 6) inclusion of the family. These enhancements are recommended to improve the achievement gap found among Latinx students.

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