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Philosophy and Public Affairs

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Blockchain technologies have introduced hosts of potential changes in how we function as a society. Decentralized Finance threatens what we know about our economic system, how we interface with capital, and the role of large traditional financial institutions. Web3 presents a newfound opportunity to take hold of ownership and identity in a world where you are simply a collection of data to corporations. DAOs create a new form of communal governance that aims to eliminate human error and distribute power equitably through flat hierarchies. These are fundamental shifts in how we operate and though these technologies are in their infancy, the implications for how we may operate and the potential for a paradigm shift are ripe. In this thesis, I explore some of the implications that these technologies can have from creating new foundations of truth, displacing old guards, and creating opportunities for collective action that has never been seen before. I argue that these technologies and applications and the disruption they will bring are akin to a societal revolution. This is due to the mechanisms brought forward such as digital consensus, radical transparency, and many other factors.

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