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This thesis examines the validity of storytelling as a pedagogical tool for students, particularly students of color. The project begins by presenting the value of storytelling and communal education using Zapatista philosophy and indigenous examples. The goal of this theoretical foundation is to begin to critically think about what education is, versus what it can be. Then, the main case study is introduced in the next section: Escuela Tlatelolco. Escuela Tlatelolco is a Chicano centric school in Colorado that closed in 2017. Through numerous primary sources, my discussion of the school will illuminate how this community used storytelling to support Chicano nationalism and what key lessons we can pull from this era in terms of pedagogical practices that lead to student pride in identity. Finally, I will end with my own personal collection of stories that I have gathered from my dad, the lessons they taught me, and why I believe more intergenerational conversations/stories are needed in schools to make up for the lack of ethnic education and radical schools in our present.