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Spring 2013

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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Mathematical Sciences

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Sam Nelson

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The concept of rendering an object invisible, once considered unfathomable, can now be deemed achievable using artificial metamaterials. The ability for these advanced structures to refract waves in the negative direction has sparked creativity for future applications. Manipulating electromagnetic waves of all frequencies around an object requires precise and unique parameters, which are calculated from various mathemat- ical laws and equations. We explore the possible interpretations of these parameters and how they are implemented towards the construction of a suitable metamaterial. If carried out correctly, the wave will exit the metamaterial exhibiting the same behavior as when it had entered. Thus, an outside observer will not be able to recognize any abnormal changes in wave frequency or direction. This paper will survey studies and technologies from the past 20 years to arrive at a concise mathematical examination of the possibilities and inherent issues under the umbrella of modern ”cloaking.”