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Spring 2013

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Hillary Clinton and Margaret Thatcher are role models who have had a significant impact inspiring everyone, especially young women. They have had long political careers and are prominent politicians. In certain respects, many political observers including the public and media have misunderstood her personal, public, and political life. Since the media has become the most fundamental way people receive information and make judgments based on that information, it is vital that it accurately represent such prominent role models.

The media plays a crucial role in political campaigns and changes the way the public views candidates. I compare Clinton and Thatcher’s achievements, negative gender bias portrayal in the media, their campaign strategies, and the ultimate effect of this media attention. I will show that while both these women faced similar depictions in the media, Thatcher was able to win as a result of the difference in politics. This difference in the relationship with the media, and ability for Thatcher to have more control in her campaign strategies were the result of tighter restrictions on British broadcasting and campaigns, including political finance.

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