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Considered to be the original creator of psychoanalysis as well as the father of psychology, it is likely that the name “Sigmund Freud” has come up at some point in time in many people’s lives. He is undoubtedly the most popular man in the field of psychology, but he also is the most controversial. It is plain to see that there are many limitations in his work, but as a result, he is considered to be outdated by some and no longer relevant in the field at all. This paper will explore the kind of man that Sigmund Freud really was in order to see what specifically influenced his theories and ideas. Further, his works will be compared alongside some of the contributions from fellow psychoanalysts Karen Horney and Melanie Klein in order to show how the field of psychoanalysis has evolved over time, and that many of Freud’s faults were merely a result of his upbringing and the time period that he came from.

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