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Fall 2013

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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Environment, Economics, and Politics (EEP)

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William Ascher

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The global fish population is declining. Aquaculture production is saturated and the global fish stock is operating at an unsustainable level. Genetically modified (GM) fish is a potential solution to relieve the natural fish stock, if the FDA grants the approval. The global fish population is harmed by environmental conditions and the inability for fish to adapt to changing conditions and human interactions. Genetic modification is a growing technology that has the ability to alleviate the fishing industry by modifying fish to grow faster, be disease tolerant, eat plant-based food, and be more nutritious. However, the approval process has been halted by complications in the approval process and government leaders responding to public fears and concerns of the safety of genetically modified fish. This thesis reviews the background of the fishing industry, concerns over GMOs, and analyzes the politics preventing the approval of GM fish. Lastly, this thesis recommends six approaches the FDA should mandate to reassure the public of the safety of GM fish.