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Fall 2013

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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



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Ketan Mhatre

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Major League Baseball has developed into an extremely lucrative business, and players are earning more money now than ever. However, the structure of their player contracts may not be built in the most effective way. It’s possible that there are a number of variables that are not being maximized with regards to player performance and psychological well-being. This study aims to measure the benefits and negative outcomes of the current system, as well as propose an alternative structure for player contracts. This study predicts that player performance is not being maximized and will propose specific changes for an alternative contract structure. Analysis of player statistics as well review of previous research will be done. Overall, this study found that there is possible room for improvement with regards to the current contract structure in Major League Baseball. Evidence seems to indicate that player performance and team performance should theoretically be able to be improved upon.

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