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Gun control is a topic that has a variety of complex aspects. Creating a solution for gun violence has been a difficult task for the President and Congress in the last few years. The main reasons for this are the many different groups with a vested interest in the topic. There are also so a number of issues that contribute to gun violence in America that it becomes extremely difficult to pin point one exact problem. Trying to reduce the amount of guns that criminals and the mentally ill get ahold of is an important aspect when looking at the issue gun control. Removing flawed systems, inconsistent laws and other loopholes will result in fewer individuals that should not own guns from getting their hands on deadly weapons. These aspects are extremely difficult to solve all at one time, and require time and patients by Congress and the President for results to be seen. The most important part is fixing issues one at a time, and the ones that can cost innocent people’s lives. While there are many opinions towards gun control, one point both sides of this issue can agree on is that the murder of innocent individuals needs to stop immediately. Careful analysis, with accurate research will allow issues to be solved in an appropriate manner. Making it significantly difficult for criminals to access gun is a major step in the right direction for both the federal government and individual states.

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