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Spring 2014

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Islamic Banking, a growing banking segment related consistent with Sharia law and principles. Since its establishment in 1983, the use of Islamic Banking has grown rapidly in Malaysia as a result of the Malaysian government active effort to make “Malaysia, Asia’s Islamic finance hub.” This study investigates the impact of various regulation changes – applicable to both conventional and Islamic Banking – in Malaysia, on the volume of financing of Islamic Banks. The main way to accommodate for possible omitted variable bias was by including control variables including the production index, real effective exchange rate, price index against the return on assets, return on equity and net income margin ratio. This study was conducted using an autoregressive-distributed lag model, and an event study. Ultimately, the abnormal returns for Islamic vs. Conventional Banks – though statistically significant individually during the event studies, on average were not statistically significant. The implication is that were the sample size to be larger, we may be able to find more statistical significance, but given that the bank population in Malaysia is so small, it is hard to find a statistically significant trend.

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