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Spring 2014

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Sarah Smith Orr

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The purpose of this qualitative study was to find common themes among Latina leaders. This study aimed to identify the leadership styles and leadership qualities unique to Latina leaders. It also analyzed the factors that have contributed to or inhibited the advancement of Latina leaders, as well as the challenges they have faced during their journey to the top. Sixteen Latina leaders, representing a variety of sectors, were interviewed by the author asking each one to share her story of what has influenced the leader she has ultimately become. Three predetermined general research questions served as a basic structure for the interview, but the format of the interview was meant to be a conversational style. The themes that recurred throughout the sixteen interviews with Latina leaders were grouped under the corresponding research question and were analyzed using various quotations from the interviewees themselves. The essential themes that emerged included: a) transformational leadership; b) authentic leadership; c) leadership qualities—New Latina, visionary, and marianismo; c) successful educational attainment; d) family influence; e) networking; f) internal barriers; and g) family obligations. This study expanded the knowledge and research of the unique characteristics of Latina leadership and identified ways of preparing the next generation for achieving success and advancing the rise of Latinas in significant leadership positions.