Campus Only vs Open Access Thesis

By Open Access or worldwide access, we mean that anyone in the world can access your thesis, including your family, friends, prospective employers and graduate school application committees.

Who benefits from worldwide access?


  • Add the link to your resume and/or to your grad school application
  • Inspire others with your research
  • Make your research contribution discoverable via Google
  • For Posterity: Paper theses are only kept in the CMC reading room for 5 years

Researchers, Educational Institutions and the Public

  • YOU contribute to the core mission of advancing knowledge
  • Increases the visibility and impact of authors ' (including YOUR) works
  • Democratizes information access by providing previously unavailable materials
  • YOU help accelerate the pace of research, discovery and innovation

Campus Only Theses keeps access within the Claremont Colleges IP range: This is the default option. Administrators will restrict access your thesis to The Claremont Colleges IP addresses. Anyone trying to access the site from an IP address not in the list of allowed IP addresses will be redirected to an access denied page with the message "Your address is not in the list of allowed IP addresses." This means that along with the general public, researchers, potential employers, graduate school admissions, you and your family will not have access. Please note that once you graduate and no longer on campus you will not have access to your thesis by choosing this option.

Student Coalition for the Right to Research