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Modeling, student activity, Heat Equation, Fourier's Law of Conduction.


Mathematics | Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Science and Mathematics Education


In an effort to make active learning exercises in a partial differential equations course, we present a student activity modeling Fourier's law of conduction under the framework of the heat equation. An overview of the heat equation, including several avenues of study, is provided. Then we give an intuitive way of constructing the heat equation from a couple of fundamental properties of physics including Fourier's law of conduction. We outline an experiment that can be run to collect their own data to model Fourier's law of conduction as well as provide data we collected. We conclude with a student activity that can be used in class to guide students from the construction of the heat equation to analyzing the data to model Fourier's law of conduction.

Fouriers Law of Conduction_Data.xlsx (20 kB)
Fouriers Law of Conduction_Data.xlsx

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