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Interactive online modules; Adobe Flash; Constructivism


This paper discusses the development and implementation of a set of online teaching and learning modules for the modeling and solution of simple linear Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs). The paper describes how constructivist principles are used in the development of these modules and how in-built assessment has been used to enhance student learning. A discussion of the module structure is provided with particular emphasis on the concept of the module walk-through. Modules developed for the classical ODE problems of the simple pendulum and the mass on a spring are used to illustrate these module constructs. The paper concludes with a discussion of the effectiveness of these modules using data sourced from student questionnaires, focus groups and lab session evaluations.



linearsystems.html (1 kB)
Linear Systems HTML file

linearsystems.swf (23 kB)
Linear Systems Flash file

pendulum.html (1 kB)
Pendulum HTML file

pendulum.swf (51 kB)
Pendulum Flash file

springmass.html (1 kB)
Spring-Mass System HTML file

springmass.swf (35 kB)
Spring-Mass System Flash file

tank.html (1 kB)
Tank HTML file

tank.swf (55 kB)
Tank Flash file



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