Artists' Statement


Gabrielle Das, Everest Fish, John Kalapos, Jeremy Snyder, Isaac Watts

This art installment installation is the product of a collaboration between the Claremont Colleges Library and the ART 176 Pitzer sculpture class from Spring 2017. Students were tasked with creating a sculpture to highlight the connection between the library's physical resources-- the books, magazines, and primary literature that surround you-- with the extensive network of digital resources also held by the library.

This interactive game aims to capture the best features of both the digital and physical parts of the library. First, by harnessing the tactile pleasure of seeking out a physical book, and prompting the serendipitous discoveries you make along the way. Second, by drawing your attention to a relevant hand-selected digital resource selected by the artists to be useful, interesting, or entertaining.

Each member of the artist team has constructed a pair of hand-made books in a subject of their choosing. These books have been shelved within their appropriate sections, waiting for you to find!

In order to play QRcade, you must first find the square frames hidden throughout the library, and follow the call number you see on the papers inside it. Once you find the corresponding book, take one of the QR codes therein, and bring it back to the kiosk by the Mudd stacks to finish your voyage.

Happy hunting!

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