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Polarized 8Li nuclei recoiling from the reaction 7Li(d, p)8Li were implanted in Au, Pd, and Pt foils, and the Knight-shifted values of the 8Li magnetic dipole moment in these metals were measured by a resonant depolarization technique. From measurements of the spinlattice relaxation times of 8Li implanted in Au, Pd, and Pt, the Knight shifts of 8Li in these metals were estimated. A corrected value for the magnetic dipole moment of 8Li was found to be μ(8Li)=(1.653 35±0.000 35)μN. Attempts were also made to measure the quadrupole couplings of 8Li in single crystals of Be and Mg. While the resonance lines could not be distinctly resolved, upper and lower limits have been deduced for |e2qQ/h| in these two metals.


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