Vibrations of Pressurized Orthotropic Cylindrical Membranes

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This paper presents the analysis of the free and forced vibrations of pressurized orthotropic cylindrical membrane shells. The following points are brought out. 1) The response of the shell is very highly dependent on the internal pressure, and on the relative magnitude of the applied pressure loading as compared to the internal pressure. In fact, it is clearly demonstrated that when the two pressures are of the same order of magnitude, a linearized analysis is not sufficient to discuss the complete behavior. 2) The behavior of the shell is also very significantly affected by the values of the various elastic constants. The ratio of the circumferential stiffness to the axial stiffness was found to be a particularly important parameter, with somewhat less importance being attached to the relative magnitude of the inplane shear modulus. 3) Finally, the simplification of the analysis by the deletion of the inplane inertia terms makes little difference in the results of the forced vibration analysis. This is a particularly important simplification to recognize if a full nonlinear analysis is to be carried out.

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