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The extinct fauna of Dream Cave, Derbyshire, has played a significant role in the history of British cave paleontology, a near-complete woolly rhinoceros from the cave having been famously illustrated in 1823. The fauna was not subsequently re-studied until 2000, with the publication of an indirect radiometric date by uranium-series disequilibrium dating of a presumed-overlying flowstone. Here we present a direct radiocarbon date of 43,330 +/- 1800 rcyBP, 45083 - 48613 calBP (1 σ) on a representative Bos/Bison bone, with additional comments on the fauna and the taphonomy of the site.


Final published version can be found at: McFarlane, Donald A., Lundberg, Joyce, Rentergem, Guy V., Howlett, Eliza, and Stimpson, Chris. "A new radiometric date and assessment of the Last Glacial megafauna of Dream Cave, Derbyshire, UK." Cave and Karst Science, Vol. 43, No. 3, (2016) 109-116.

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