Evangelical culture is a juggernaut, and has now permeated every level of American society. Much of the culture’s strength is due to the powerful youth movement within Evangelical denominations. A great deal of its propaganda is aimed at “youth” and “youth culture” in the form of music, books, and technology. Young people are the “heart and soul” of the Evangelical movement. They embrace it, and then perpetuate it. “Evangelical” is an admittedly elusive term. The Oxford English Dictionary (2011) defines evangelical in two ways, both as an adjective, “1 of or according to the teaching of the gospel or Christianity. 2 relating to a tradition within Protestant Christianity emphasizing Biblical authority and personal conversion. 3 fervent in advocating something,” and as a noun, “a member of the evangelical tradition in the Christian Church.” For the purposes of this paper, the second adjectival definition is perhaps the most useful, although all four definitions are apt when discussing the Evangelical movement in North America. [excerpt]