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International and Intercultural Studies (Pitzer)

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academy, disciplines, social justice, interdisciplinary, dedisciplinarity


Discussions of the contested politics of academic fields that have emerged from social movements often emphasize course content while deemphasizing the ways that power circulates through specific sites in the academy. Certainly women's studies, queer studies, and the different ethnic studies fields have struggled to maintain links to the social movements that engendered them. and a concomitant focus on social change. In a more complex fashion, the same is true of postcolonial studies. Similarly, cultural studies may be understood as an academic field emerging from class-based social movements that are affiliated in complex ways with various Marxist analyses whose academic lineage is longer and differently constituted. Within and among these different fields, ongoing debates continue over their ability to remain oriented toward social justice in the face of pressures from the academy to align with knowledge protocols and modes of claiming legitimacy that are measured in terms distant from those of progressive social change.


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