What Makes Tony Run? Schemas as Motives Reconsidered

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Anthropology (Pitzer)

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anthrolopology, motives, cultural models, schemas as motives, motivational force


From the book: Human Motives and Cultural Models by Roy G. D'Andrade and Claudia Strauss, eds.

A full understanding of human action requires an understanding of what motivates people to do what they do. For too many years studies of motivation have drawn from different theoretical paradigms. Typically, human motivation has been modeled on animal behavior, while culture has been described as pure knowledge or symbol. The result has been insufficient appreciation of the role of culture in human motivation and a truncated view of culture as disembodied knowledge. The anthropologists in this volume have attempted a different approach, seeking to integrate knowledge, desire, and action into a single explanatory framework. This research builds on recent work in cognitive anthropology on cultural models.

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