Technology and Polity: The Dynamics and Dilemmas of Managed Change

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Sociology (Pitzer)

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technology, polity, managed change, Communism, China, Soviet Union, U.S.S.R.


For good or ill, our world is increasingly being shaped by the technologies we use. While technological advances have been most evident in economic matters, at the same time technology has also enlarged its domain over cultural forms, political relations, social interactions, and even psychic states. These manifold effects make the study of technological change a matter of great importance and complexity. This is particularly evident when efforts are made to understand the course of technological change in Communist societies. Although the ruling elites of Communist nations have attempted to control technological change and make it congruent with their primary political and social goals, there has been a quixotic quality to their efforts. Not only have technological changes produced unintended spillover effects, the effective application of new technologies has often necessitated political and organizational changes that do not easily harmonize with the existing order.


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