Memento Mori

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Intercollegiate Media Studies

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Animated color film with images of water, birds, winged humans, a man in a hooded sweatshirt, doors, the sea, a woman on a stool wearing a red scarf, marching soldiers, a gun, a knife, blood on hands, a dancing couple, a crowd of dancers, a seed, plants growing, clouds, a flying winged person, a figure playing an instrument. The images transform into each other in ever-changing sequences. Notes Music by The Coma Lilies, a musical group from Santa Rosa, California, 2001-present; Memento Mori is the name of the album, and the track used for this film. http://www.thecomalilies.net/ 'Memento mori' is a Latin phrase reminding us of our own mortality.


Berman, Aaron (illustrator); Katz, Ivan (illustrator).

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