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summer, planning, productivity


In the last decade, for many times, I have tasted first-hand the end-of-summer blues I described above. I have spent many early spring months dreaming of all that I would be doing when the summer arrives, only to realize that it was already September and I had not much to show for for the months in between. I have also observed many of my peers going through similar things, and I just assumed for years that this was how it had to be. But then some time in the middle of the tenure track, I decided to try approaching my career a bit more systematically, to see if I could improve the way I was doing things. Since then I have read everything under the sun written about time management, productivity, and faculty work, sometimes in place of doing my own work (the literature on these is vast and quite engaging; delving in it is in fact a great way to procrastinate, so I do not recommend it to most people :) I have written before about one of the things I learned from all that I read and all that I have tried. In this post I want to share with you a second tip, that might help you avoid the end-of-summer blues, once and for all.


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