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Through extensive research which culminates in a choreographic component, this thesis explores the lack of diverse representation within artistic and entertainment industries in regards to race and gender. In pursuit of a concise argument, most of the focus is on race and the conditioned view of gender as binary. Looking specifically at dance and film, it considers and analyzes why this absence persists, along with ways to ensure progress. The analysis and exploration unfolds in five central chapters: Research, Conception of the Dance, One and the Same, and Try It On Make It Fit. By detailing all that goes into creating a space that consistently hinders representation of minorities, this project will provide a better understanding of how minority communities are affected as a result. With this knowledge, I hope to present solutions that are simple with an attempt to demonstrate the urgency for new methods that expand portraits of diverse and authentic representations outside of the “norm.” The significance of this project lies in the articulation of an issue that is too often ignored. Change will not happen until it becomes unacceptable for people to remain ignorant and complacent on the subject.