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Rising temperatures all over the world has correlated with more frequent heat stroke related injuries and death. This statistic not only applies to humans, but to canines as well, who have similar body temperature thresholds. Recent studies have demonstrated that serum histones, released after cell death from heat stroke, play a role in heat stroke related injuries and death. This proposal aims to determine the severity of the effects caused by serum histone release after heat stroke by exposing selected canine cell lines to cell lysate and purified histones H2A, H2B, H3, and H4, which have been found to be associated with heat stroke injuries. Effectiveness of the histones will be determined by measuring the levels of apoptosis, NETosis, and necrosis in the cells, as well as the expression levels of heat shock proteins. Further research will also be done to determine whether toll-like receptors present on the cell surface are responsible for the mechanism utilized by serum histones to damage tissue in the body.