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Beyond the Lens is a portrait series combining visual images with audiotaped recordings of eight Scripps seniors’ narration of their personal, academic and interpersonal process during the course of their college career. This capstone project seeks to uncover the dynamic nature of the Scripps College community by highlighting the unique evolution of these eight individuals. With this project, I hope to convey that while there is no one specific mold for a Scripps student, there are common threads in the development of key characteristics which propel these participants toward their next steps, among them courage to pursue leadership roles, compassion for underrepresented groups both locally and globally, confidence to make positive changes in their fields of interest and a profound engagement and commitment to their immediate and extended communities. Beyond the Lens not only guides the viewer into the makings of each of these student’s individual profiles but also helps the viewer understand better how the Scripps community shapes their personal ambitions, creating fertile ground for lasting impact. Through the interview process, I examine the enduring imprint of an historically all-women’s college environment, exploring disparate and common threads within each student's experiences, including the effects of in-depth exploration and articulation of multiple perspectives and theoretical positions within academic and non-academic exchanges. Moreover, in these conversations, I ask each student to consider both positive and negative elements of their community and to reflect on their holistic experience at the College in and outside of the classroom. While this capstone is a minute representation of the Scripps community as a whole, it nonetheless provides a glimpse into the influences and processes at play within Scripps College. I aim to demonstrate that being a Scripps student means that we, as a community, are pressed to delve beyond the limited representations so pervasive in our current media soaked lives toward a more complex understanding of ever-evolving forces that occur within ourselves, other members of our community and society at large.

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