The Effects of Planned Parenthood Clinics on Women's Health and Economic Development

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Women’s health is measured by many standards and is governed by countless laws. Abortion is one of the most highly-contested medical practices and is also crucial to women’s health and economic development. Planned Parenthood is criticized for providing abortions and as a result is often overlooked for the many other medical services it provides. This paper aims to study the effect Planned Parenthood clinics have on women’s health and economic development at the county level. Data was collected for an overview of all fifty states and for the two most populous counties per state. Planned Parenthood centers tend to be located in areas with a higher percentage of women who are uninsured and need public funding assistance. Statistically significant results from two linear regressions also show that the percentage of clients using publicly funded clinics that are Planned Parenthood clinics is negatively correlated with teen birth rates and positively correlated with the percentage of females over 25 years of age with a bachelor’s degree. It is critical that lawmakers understand the importance and effects of clinics like Planned Parenthood on women’s health and productivity.

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