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Bachelor of Arts


Computer Science

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Alexandra Papoutsaki

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Anie Chaderjian

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This paper chronicles the creation of the smartphone application, `Waste Not, Want Not'. The application is designed to create sustainable habits and change wasteful behaviors in order to reduce personal waste production. The paper explores related works in the fields of environmental science, psychology, and computer science. These related studies establish the need for an application focused on personal waste reduction and the means to build such an application. The design process for the application follows User Experience Design's four phases: Research, Sketch, Design, and Evaluation. The target audience for the application is surveyed and imagined. Next, a basic outline of the application's functionality is created. From this outline, a prototype of the application is built. This prototype undergoes usability testing. It ranks above the average for each of the three usability metrics: effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. The paper then explores possible expansions and implementations of the application.

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