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Many children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are nonverbal or experience difficulty with communication. Previous research has shown that one viable option as an alternative form of communication for such children is the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) since it utilizes visual processing and minor motor skills. The present study proposes a between-subjects design between children with ASD (n = 52) in order to assess if PECS on a notebook or PECS on a technological platform will result in greater communication and happiness for children with ASD. After the training phase in which researchers train children with PECS, participants will be given a social task to complete with their siblings and asked to use either PECS on a notebook or PECS on a tablet. The children with ASD will be assessed on their behaviors in terms of amount of socialization and happiness they will express. It is predicted that children using PECS on a tablet will have more social behavior and express more happiness than children using PECS on a notebook. Implications for implementation of as well as future research on technological interventions that target communication skills in social environments are discussed.

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