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The purpose of this proposed study is to determine if previous levels of body image satisfaction combined with exposure to either body positive or thin ideal centered media will impact current body image satisfaction and desire to change eating habits. The projected participants are 250 students with ages ranging from 18 to 25. The design will be a 2 (fashion images: Victoria’s Secret vs. Aerie) x 2 (Time: Pre vs. Post) factorial, where fashion images vary between participants and time varies within participants. Participants will receive an online survey, where they will take a body image satisfaction survey, then will be randomly assigned to view one of two conditions (Aerie or Victoria’s Secret image exposure), and then assigned to complete a second body image satisfaction test and a desire to change eating habits scale. Victoria’s Secret ads are expected to decrease body image satisfaction and increase the desire to utilize potentially harmful eating habits, while the Aerie ads will have little to no effect on body image satisfaction and little to no effect the desire to change eating habits. This study is impactful because it can inform us on the harmful ways media can affect individual’s body image and eating habits. If the negative effects of the thin ideal and the neutral effects of the body positive images are demonstrated and replicated, the media can take the necessary steps to push the importance of body positivity and model diversity while casting for advertisements.

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