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Politics and International Relations

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2020 Delaney B Hewitt


In this thesis I assess how Amendment Four, an initiative that gave 1.4 million ex-felons in Florida the right to vote, passed in the 2018 elections. I look at data of race, gender, and political party for voters who voted for and against the Amendment. I also look at the impact of advocacy groups who worked in Florida attempting to pass this voter restoration law. In this paper, I found that race and party affiliation play a large role in the likelihood of voting for voter restoration policies. However, party affiliation and race could not solely account for Florida’s passing of the Amendment because Florida is a majority white and Republican state, both of which account for being less likely to vote in favor of voter restoration. Therefore, I then analyze the impact that advocacy groups had on Florida’s voting population to explain the votes in favor of Amendment Four that were not party or race affiliated.

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