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With the Trump administration separating families at the border, there are many questions surrounding its impact on Latinos and what effects come from being detained. This study focuses on the impact of length of time spent in a detention center and family separation at the border on Latino immigrants’ trauma. This study looks at 788 Latino adults who were recruited from local nonprofits in major cities like Los Angeles, Houston, and Phoenix and had them answer questions regarding length of time in a detention center, trauma, distress, and hopelessness. The expected results are that immigrants who were separated from their families experience more trauma than those that were not separated from their families, and immigrants that have spent over two weeks time in a detention center will experience more trauma. This topic is something that needs to be studied more to find out what specific consequences detention centers have had on Latino immigrants, so that there can be interventions created to help these immigrants process all the trauma that they encountered during their time in detention centers. Overall, there needs to be more research on this topic because this is an ongoing problem that has not stopped and more people are affected it by it as time goes on.