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Aleesha X Yan


Technology has become the main driver in the exploration of anthropology and music.

Historically, ethnomusicologists have had trouble embracing the role of technology in ethnomusicology; however, the world of silent discos is a platform in which we can expand our understanding of the two as well as extract learnings of what silent discos can offer users. This thesis will first dissect its component parts. In order to understand the underlying mechanics of a silent disco, which are malleable in nature, we must first dive into which features remain the same universally and what factors usher in divergent results. After providing a high-level definition of a silent disco as it exists today, I will explore the types of introspective relationships formed and the shades of community built around silent discos. Lastly, I will examine the potential transformation of silent discos in accordance with the formation of virtual live DJ battling.

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