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Mingye Feng

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2020 Nicole Brittaney Pang


The avenues of targeted immunotherapy offers a promise of less toxic treatment options for those battling different forms of cancer. Specifically, the process of hijacking a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer from within versus using external treatments like chemotherapy which is extremely damaging to the patient. One such avenue includes the usage of monoclonal antibodies as an effective modality for immunotherapy. Cluster of Differentiation 47 (CD47), also known as the ‘don’t eat me signal’, aids in cell proliferation and evasion of phagocytosis and has been found to be a target for stopping tumorigenesis. Previous research has been successful in combining CD20 antibody blockades with an FDA approved drug called rituximab to improve survival in B cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients. While the success of this clinical trial is an optimistic outcome, there has not been any research done with using adjuvant drug therapy on solid tumor masses and CD47 targets. In my thesis, I will be identifying Imiquimod as a potential drug to rationally combine with B6H12 monoclonal antibodies for human colorectal cancer therapy as well as improving the methodology for conducting a phagocytosis assay by using luciferase.