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Pointing out when Internet performance is decreasing over a sustained period of time, or when an “incident” occurs, is of interest to Measurement Lab (M-Lab) users in order to properly evaluate and advocate for their Internet. The M-Lab visualization client is a way that M-Lab users can contextualize its data on Internet health. However, users without data expertise only have a few definition pop-outs to navigate and contextualize the data. Therefore, M-Lab wanted to integrate details into their visualizations that bring attention to incidents to make this information clearer and more accessible. For the scope of this project, we focused on only one type of incident. An incident is defined as a 30 percent or more drop in the Internet download speeds from an average over a one year period as compared to the previous one year period. We added to the existing visualization client to point out when incidents are detected within a search query. A user is able to interact with the graph to learn more specific incident details such as exact download speeds and the time periods affected.

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