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Bachelor of Arts


Politics and International Relations

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Thomas Kim

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Tom Le

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This thesis examines the English-language output of the Korean Central News Agency, the main news agency of North Korea. I conduct an analysis of the KCNA news coverage of a series of diplomatic summits that North Korean leader Ki Jong-un holds with Chinese president Xi Jin-ping, South Korean president Moon Jae-in, and U.S. president Donald Trump from 2018-2019. For this analysis, I coded for certain phrases and rhetoric and examined the content of each article to look at how news coverage of these summits reflects North Korea’s foreign policy goals and stances toward the respective countries. I found several recurring words and phrases within each set of news articles that provide insight into North Korea’s objectives toward each country at that time. This study contributes to the broader body of work on KCNA’s English-language output and shows the potential for more analysis of this output, which is often regarded as boilerplate propaganda.