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As Hong Kong faces a socio-cultural and political shift, its cultural artistic practices are at high risk of disappearing. In response to this impending loss of culture, as well as a nostalgia for Hong Kong’s fading identity, I sought to document three different Hong Kong cultural practices, for which the resulting photographs, text, and audio act as an archive for individual and collective memory. The scope of my project was focused on three practices and their processes, histories, and resulting products, which were hand-carved mahjong tiles, hand-painted porcelain, and handmade bird cages—all of which were chosen due to their significance in Hong Kong history and daily life. This paper grounds my photographic process in wider notions of culture and identity, reflecting upon how the disappearance of Hong Kong’s artistic practices reflect the city’s fading identity. My goal was to explore the meaning of documenting these fragments of society and tradition as functions of fleeting time and place, and to initiate a conversation about the significance of Hong Kong’s artistic practices in light of the city’s ever-changing society.

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