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Pedace, Roberto

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Ward-Batts, Jennifer

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2020 Chantal S Balta


Considering the recent efforts of the Trump Administration to rescind the Deferred Act for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), I wanted to explore how this policy has impacted the American labor market since its inception in 2012. Specifically, this paper discusses the impact of DACA on non-native wage growth. By using data from the American Community Survey from the years 2000-2016, we will use a difference-in-difference model to see the impact of the policy on immigrants recorded in the dataset by using the native-born labor force as a control. Initial results indicate that there is no statistically significant impact on non-native wage growth from the introduction of DACA. After carrying out robustness checks based on race, age of worker, gender, and residence in the three states that house the most DACA recipients, we see that the policy only had significance on non-native workers living in either California, Texas, or Illinois.