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Distance learning poses challenges in most academic settings, especially at the undergraduate laboratory level. Improving this mode of learning diminishes the impact of current events on young scientists’ development of foundational laboratory concepts. Our work explores the use of augmented reality (AR) in a laboratory setting. We developed a completely virtual valence shell electron pair repulsion (VSEPR) theory lab activity consistent with the goals of Keck Science Department’s Introduction to Chemistry course’s in-person VSEPR lab activity. We were able to maintain a hands-on learning experience for students while using a tool many students already own: an iPhone as an alternative to model kits typically used for this lesson. Evaluating the efficacy of the AR lab activity was done in the Fall 2020 semester with Keck Science Department’s CHEM14 class. I used a series of post-lab surveys, for instructors and students, to determine the efficacy of our approach and gauge students’ experience with the technology. Ultimately, instructors and students found the lab activity helpful and felt AR was the most helpful in mastering VSEPR theory.

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