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Comprised of over 700 species, the human oral microbiome occupies an ideal growth environment for microorganisms due to the favorable temperature, pH, and moisture. Because the oral cavity is an open system, diet and lifestyle can affect and change the oral microbiome. Imbalances can result in dysbiosis, which allows pathogens to colonize the oral cavity. This could potentially result in systemic disease and weakening of the immune system. Thus, maintaining the oral microbiome is crucial to maintaining overall health. With the Covid-19 pandemic, individuals are advised to wear face masks in public. Although the majority of communities stay indoors, frontline workers and healthcare professionals wear masks more frequently while interacting with others. This research proposal will use metagenomics and gene ontology to study if wearing face masks can have an effect on the diversity and composition of the human oral microbiome over the course of 3 years.

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