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Spring 2013

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Media Studies

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T. Kim-Trang Tran

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Ming Ma

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The subject of the project will be a short video on my summer volunteer experience at the first non-profit charity college called Guizhou Forerunner College (GFC) in a rural village in China. GFC is located in the rural village called Huishui in Guizhou Province in southern part of China. It is the first non-profit funded college in China, Guizhou Forerunner College aims to support the underserved low income, blind, and minority communities in the Guizhou Province of China by providing education through innovative teaching. The school started its launching process in 2007 and had its first class of 360 students in the fall of 2009. Professors are all volunteers coming from all over the world. There are 38 in total right now and most of them are from U.S. As a participant involved with GFC’s life for two months, the project would be made through my perspectives on showing not only GFC, in a larger content, to show the characteristics of GFC with comparison to education in poverty areas in Southern China. Besides the techniques learnt from editing courses, the theories and histories of cinema verite and documentary genre will be applied and being the inspiration for the project

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