Graduation Year


Document Type

Campus Only Senior Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Foreign Languages

Reader 1

Carmen Sanjuán Pastor

Reader 2

Marino Forlino


This thesis utilizes the lens of food to analyze the concept of being "European" in Spanish and Italian migrant literature. It addresses various gastronomical themes in Arroz tres delicias: sexo, raza y género (Chenta Tsai Tseng 2019), La hija extranjera (Najat El Hachmi 2015), "Salsicce" (Igiaba Scego 2005) and "Dismatria" (Igiaba Scego 2005). The analysis primarily analyzes how these migrant authors have questioned what it means to be "Italian" or "Spanish".

This thesis is restricted to the Claremont Colleges current faculty, students, and staff.