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Growing up in Mexico was a privilege for many reasons. I am most grateful for its history of preservation and storytelling through art, specifically portraiture. I learned about my country's history and its most influential figures primarily through visuals. From mesoamerican sculptures to Mexican modern mural art, one did not have to be literate or speak vernacular Spanish to understand the story of our culture through time. It is this visual way of recording history that I have decided to turn to for interpretation and self exploration. Throughout the course of this academic year, I will be creating a series of self-portraits by following a conceptually driven practice on changing reflections of my image through the lens of other female artists.

This project was inspired by a conversation I had with my doctor in June. He suggested trying a more intuitive lifestyle that followed little to no schedule so it would be “more exciting” or “easier” for me to get out of bed in the mornings and my fatigue would “decrease or go away” during the day. His advice resonated with me; maybe I did need to be more spontaneous with my quotidian life and routines. My intention for this project is to explore a more intuitive lifestyle through the practice of consistent artmaking. My chosen medium is collaging. To meet my goal, I created a set or rules, or framework, from which I could experiment freely. I designed this framework to keep me on track, while still leaving space for ambiguity.