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Politics and International Relations

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Elise Ferree

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Mar Golub

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The effects of incarceration on BIPOC communities have been a salience for many years. Political theory has pointed to multiple explanations for why the carceral system exists and expands, and biology studies have evaluated some of the effects on fertility rates. However, most studies that have evaluated the effect of hyperincarceration on fertility have not considered the duration of sentence and timing of incarceration as key determinants of the shifts in fertility. Drawing from the fields of political theory, biodemography, and human biology, I propose that there needs to be a study evaluating the effect of long-term sentences on the reproductive capacities and fertility rates of incarcerated populations and their corresponding demographics. The study’s purpose is to analyze whether prisons are eugenic institutions through their removal of Black, Latinx, and Native populations from their communities for extended periods.

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