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There is a variety of research linking religiosity and internalized homonegativity with negative mental health outcomes in queer populations. Minority stress theory can be used to better understand the mechanisms that perpetuate these relationships. However, little research in this area focuses on parental religiosity and lesbian women’s unique experiences. This study seeks to remedy the gap in the literature by investigating the relationship between perceived parental religiosity, internalized homonegativity and self-esteem in lesbian women. To do so, Christian lesbian women will complete an online survey on measures of each of these constructs. It is expected that perceived parental religiosity will be negatively correlated with self-esteem and that internalized homonegativity will partially mediate the relationship between perceived parental religiosity and self-esteem. These results would be in line with previous research as well as the paradigm proposed by minority stress theory. The current study would also provide insight into what specific factors might cause distress for lesbian women surrounding their sexuality.