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The culmination of mineral assemblages and reaction textures, geochemistry, and fieldwork analysis supported this thesis study in order to discern past conditions of the southern Sierra Nevada Batholith. The field site, termed the Marble Fork Schists, comprise of migmatites and schists in contact with plutonic intrusions such as gabbro, granite, granodiorite. Metamorphic samples were collected from Colony Mill Road, Sycamore Drive, North Fork Drive, and Marble Falls, each in contact with alternate igneous unites. Laboratory work at Pomona College – in combination with field observations – allowed for the investigation of the prevalent metamorphism processes occurring in the Marble Fork Schists and surrounding region. High Al!O" in the rocks support a shale protolith, before melt intrusions and high temperature conditions. Porphyroblastic, poikiloblastic, and vermicular textures also support unusually high metamorphic alterations. These analyses contribute to this interpretation, and methods conducted in this study constitute a continuation of research on the geologic history of the Sierra Nevada.

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