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We often place unquestionable trust in doctors due to their expertise, authority, and extensive education. While it is ingrained in us to believe that doctors possess all-encompassing knowledge and approach each situation with unbiased and good intentions, a critical examination of the medical system and its history reveals otherwise. When we look at women’s health, reproductive health, and specifically the IUD procedure this notion holds even more true, as analyzed in this paper. “Get Hysterical” explores the intersection of gender bias in healthcare and the experience of women seeking intrauterine devices (IUDs) in the United States. Beginning with an examination of the history and information surrounding IUDs, as well as the discriminatory experiences of female patients within the American medical system, the research focuses on understanding how gender bias influences the healthcare women receive or often fail to receive. I also dissect various public health campaign websites within the framework of my research. By contextualizing IUD procedures within the broader systemic issues of healthcare inequities, particularly concerning women, I highlight the urgent need for reform. This thesis aims to inspire women to proactively seek out information and resources, and to trust themselves. Armed with this knowledge, women can discern when they are receiving appropriate care and challenge instances of inequality, thereby catalyzing a transformative shift toward more equitable healthcare practices across the United States.

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