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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



Second Department


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Rivka Weinberg

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Aditi Vyas

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For completion of my dual thesis at Scripps College in Biology and Bioethics, I analyzed the feasibility of preventive genetic screening both ethically and genetically. Because each discipline approaches academic inquiry differently, I decided to ask two sequential questions: (1) How are variants analyzed in preventive genetic screening? (Biology) (2) Do patients who undergo preventive genetic screening have the ‘right not to know’ their genetic status – including medically actionable genetic information? (Bioethics). I have separated my ethical and biological inquiries into two sections. The first section is an ethical inquiry into the justification of the ‘right not to know’ and was advised by Professor Rivka Weinberg. The second section is a scientific report of a developed variant analysis workflow and a retrospective analysis I completed at the international Center for Genetic Diseases under advisement from Professor Aditi Vyas.

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