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Artist and biologist Irena Stein asks, “What does data see and not see?” My piece is at the intersection of art and science, exploring our relationship with the natural world and the in-betweens of data and the unseen. Rooted in my double major and interest in studio art and biology, this project merges these two separate realms. My medium of choice is mycelium. Mycelium is the complex and largely hidden root structure of fungi. I hope to make these structures seen. I mold these forms as human structures, objects, organs, and bones. These specific forms prompt, ethical questioning that encourages viewers to contemplate the value we place on certain species while ignoring others. Initially, I saw this material as my canvas, but mycelium became my collaborator throughout the project. I've learned to let go of the desire to shape mycelium precisely and instead embrace the relationship that unfolds while questioning ideas of our human agency.

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